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Bespoke Laundry & Utility Rooms

One room that’s often neglected in the house is the utility/laundry space. But it doesn’t need to be.

A simple design, implemented to support the overall feel of the home, can bring a space to life with new ideas tailored specifically to your home.


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Handcrafted Cabinetry

Building the perfect handcrafted utility/laundry room takes planning and expert skills. That’s why we love what we can do for people as they convert or renovate their home to include a specific space to suit their needs.

Our handcrafted cabinetry provides elegant designs that incorporate washer and dryer units to seamlessly sit into the unique settings.

Integrated Storage

Storage units are beautifully designed to carefully complement each side of the washer/dryer units and provide ample space for storage towels and washing accessories.

To ensure a complete design, the integrated storage compartments are uniquely designed for any particular use, such as washing baskets.

Complete Renovation

An advantage of working with utility/laundry rooms is that often this allows for a complete kitchen and utility room renovation which translates to one continuous style being designed and implemented to complement each other.

This also brings another depth to the design to allow a unique colour scheme to move from one room to the next; keep a modern and spectacular look, while enjoying the practicality of the design.

As the photographs here show, the design accommodates the specifics of your needs; including washing machines, dryers, accessories, storage space, baskets and much more.